Nicki Minaj/Eminem-Roman's Revenge

I personally can’t stand this girl but I couldn’t help but be anything other than curious at how a collabo with Em would turn out. The impression I get from Nicki is that she always has a strong production team behind her and in this instance we’ve got some pulsating, almost halloween-esq boardwork from Swizz Beatz. Em comes in to spit two year-2000 Slim Shady verses and for me absolutely steals the show with his high energy flows.

(@Ajay – Do I categorize Nicki as ‘hip-hop’ yeah? *cringes*)

Nicki Minaj-Roman’s Revenge ft. Eminem

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8 comments to Nicki Minaj/Eminem-Roman’s Revenge

  • This track is Nicki returning shots back @ Lil’ Kim btw.

  • Chris

    This is not just hate for hate’s sake, but I really don’t get the hype around this twat? She’s a fucking moron. A bad Lil Kim. Beat and Em are cool on this track though. Someone needs to edit that Minaj twat off. Fuck it, my “Bitches, bitches, bitches, bitches, big booty bitches, bitches, HOEEEEEEEEES” verse is better than anything she does.

  • Chris, are you drunk/stoned?

    But I do happen to agree…

  • I can understand the Nicki Minaj hate but a bad Lil’ Kim? She’s way better than Lil’ Kim.

  • Chris

    tbf, I don’t know why I listened to the song. There was only going to be one reaction from me…

  • The PresidentSpeaks

    Indi – Are you new school or old school? The only thing Nikki has going for her is a banging body. When it comes to lyrics Lil Kim will beat Nikki in a New York minute. Nikki first mistake was not giving props to the female MC’s that paved the way for her dumb azz. Lil Kim and Foxxy invented the exotic style of rap. My kids are big on Nikki and I have been telling them, I hope Lil Kim close back hard. And, she delivered!

  • I’m both, I love the old school and can appreciate the new school too.

    Lil Kim back in the day was good, but this was at a time when Biggie used to write her rhymes. But even after Biggie died, and she started writing her own lyrics, she was still probably the best female mc about.

    As for right now, there is no question that (lyrically speaking) Nicki is better than Lil Kim, Kim fell off years ago! Having said that, Nicki Minaj’s album was a massive disappointment to me, you can’t really even call it hip hop. Nicki is so much better featuring on other people’s records than her own, where her verses are so much more about her lyrics and delivery. She still has a lot to learn when it comes to making records on her own, in my opinion.

    Also, Nicki has given props to all the female rappers in the past in loads of interviews, it’s a complete myth that she hasn’t. So I don’t really understand why Lil’ Kim is hating on her so much. Kim opened up the door for female rappers like Nicki Minaj, she shouldn’t be hating for her walking through it just because Kim herself fell off ages ago.

    I am by no means a big fan of Nicki Minaj, (in fact I find her, for the most part, annoying).

    For the record – Jean Grae is WAYYYYYYYYY better than Nicki, Lil Kim, Foxy etc though and by far the best female rapper about. You should definitely check out Jean Grae’s material (if you haven’t already).

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