Nicki Minaj-Right Thru Me Video

After a few listens since it dropped, this has definitely grown on me and stands up as one of her strongest pieces of solo material. Whilst there isn’t much more solo material to compare it against, it still helps counter the claims that she can’t make good music on her own.

I was hasty in my criticism about the theme of the video when we got a behind-the-scenes look, as the characters add layers of emotion to the track, and hence a more personal connection with Minaj.

The key factor in achieving that connection is the ‘natural’ feel of the video : Nicki isn’t wearing any extravagant outfits or hairpieces, and it translates into adding an honest and genuine feel to the all-round experience. Add into that the likely familiarity of the relationship situation to many people, and you’ve got a potentially absorbing video that displays Minaj in a much more artistic light. Audio can be grabbed here.

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