Mark Hoppus Studio Update on Blink-182

We were only able to record some background vocals before abandoning the studio.  But keep in mind, those are probably the best background vocals EVER RECORDED!!  Well, maybe not, but that’s the thought that keeps me from being annoyed at the studio situation.  In any case, I used the found time to finish writing the lyrics to the track I was trying to sing.

Then today began anew, with a fresh lease on reality.  The sun rose and with it, so did our good fortune, or something poetic and meaningless like that.  We brought the BLUE bottle microphone, set up shop at my home studio, and I sang the song I wanted to sing yesterday.  Success!  Still deciding if the bridge section of the song would benefit more from vocals, some type of guitar solo thing, or a different element altogether.  But good work done! The song we’re working on is currently called “Not For Real.”  I’m stoked on the way it’s coming together.  It’s one of the more straight-forward songs so far, with kind of an up-tempo, indie-rock, Americana vibe to it.  That’s where it stands today, at least.  It may change several times more before we deem it “finished.”

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