Jamie Foxx and Drake-Fall For Your Type

I’m really busy this evening, but had to post this the instant I got it. I’ve been waiting for this ever since I was informed it was going to be finished, as the original Drake demo probably stands up as one of his best tracks to date. He originally wanted it on Thank Me Later, but apparently didn’t complete it in time. As a result, there were rumblings Foxx was the lucky recipient of the track: confirmed here as he takes over with his vocals.

The lyrics, production and structure are exactly the same as the Drake version, though I’m not sure which version I prefer. Drake’s performance on the original is easily his best as a singer, and hence such a tag is going to be difficult to surpass, even though Jamie’s vocals are superb. It depends on your views/exposure to the original. Drake contributes a verse, but it would have been better to hear him sharing the hook in more than a background capacity instead. Great track though, fantastic little piece of R&B.

Jamie Foxx-Fall For Your Type ft. Drake

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