J. Cole, Fashawn and Omen-Relaxation

J. Cole is an interesting artist. Obviously we’re huge fans here at OTU, but I’ve never quite figured out why I find myself playing his music more than artists I’d call my ‘favourites’. He’s a good rapper, but not yet the finished article, and has very good beat selection, but not perfect. Both completely understandable for any artist, let alone a relatively new one. So what is it?

The replayability factor. He has it absolutely nailed down. You’ll rarely listen to a Cole track just once, and this is another example of that. Something about his connection with a production is very unique, and will be crucial to his success.

Anyway, Relaxation has a chilled, sombre production providing the backdrop for typically passionate rhymes from Cole, whilst the features are both very good too. I’ve played it 5 times already. Re-goddamn-playable.

J.Cole-Relaxation ft. Fashawn and Omen

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