Chris Brown, Drake, Kanye, Andre 3000, T.I. and Fabolous-Deuces Remix

First off, a notice from me: I don’t have a laptop any more as mine pretty much gave up on life today, so don’t expect to hear much from me until a permanent solution is found. On the occasions I do get to one (now), I’ll try and pop in!

Right, so let’s get this remix out there. I’ve been hugely looking forward to this since the news was broken, specifically that Andre verse. That’s all I’ve got for you sadly, as my laptop issues have obvious curtailed my access to music somewhat!

Edit (Indi): Thought I’d give some of my thoughts (due to previously mentioned laptop issues, Ajay was unable to finish this post!). Drake kicks off this track by flipping it with something that sounds lifted straight from his classic So Far Gone mixtape, the rest of them pick up the original beat with their raps. Always exciting to hear a new Andre 3000 verse, I’m not sure who I’d credit with the best verse though, possibly Kanye, need to listen to this some more still. Clean version (just below) for you now folks.

Chris Brown-Deuces Remix ft. Drake, Kanye, Andre 3000, T.I. and Fabolous

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