Chima Anya-Hey ft Sincere [Video]

“Having opened for (and rivaling performance wise) Jay Electronica, Wale, Chiddy Bang and Brother Ali this year, as well as the debut album “New Day” making the “itunes best of 2010 hip-hop” list THE DOCTOR (fully qualified, still practising medicine) continues to smash it with his new video for single “Hey” featuring North London legend Sincere.”

Nice track here by Chima Anya, the thing I like most about him is that he raps purely for the love of the game, being a practising doctor suggests that he’s not doing this music thing because it’s all he’s got going for him! Having supported some big names, and the quality of tracks like this and his rendition of Kanye West’s Power, Chima Anya is a name you’ll be hearing more of.

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