Underground Hip-Hop Part 12

Welcome to the new UGHH. These will now be collaborative posts between Ajay and Murray, which ensures a really wide range of underground hip-hop will be available in every instalment.

You’ll find all kinds of stuff below, from the lyrical hip-hop head satisfiers to tracks ready-made for a mainstream audience. Click on and get grabbing.

Sha Stimuli – Unsung

You may have noticed that Sha is one of my favourite underground MC’s. And for good reason. When he’s not spitting some uber lyrical rhymes, he’s lacing his beats with comedy. On Unsung Sha pokes fun at his mainstream counterparts by deliberately dumbing down his wordplay. Sha picks a heavy-hitting beat which is particularly forgettable, again, to match his intentionally sub-par lyricism. And what’s worse is that he actually sounds better than most here! Usually a review like this would (should) have you running for miles, but Sha’s clever irony deserves for it to be in your playlists!

Koshir – Naked Twister ft. Krizz Kaliko

A great beat on this one, with an eastern feel to it that certainly helps makes it accessible to a wide audience. The raps are nothing amazing, but the beat is frighteningly addictive. It’s technically underground hip-hop, but with a fairly mainstream sound that makes it an easy sound to give a go.

Zane One-L.A. Woman

The rise of the female MCs continues with Zane One, who rejects the usual typecast of R&B/pop hip-hop beats and takes on a pretty gritty, dark beat with an infectious flow. Some nice scratches on the hook give this an old school flavour, and its good to see talented female rappers coming up.

Complete – Humpty Dumpty

Australian artist Complete recreates an interesting take on the popular children’s nursery rhyme. Complete is a very capable MC and this track is my pick from his recent album Panic Attack.

John Regan-Up There With You ft. Sha Stimuli, Naledge and Wayna

Introspective track from this quartet. The soulful sample on the hook  provides a slightly eerie feel that ties nicely with the sombre and simple piano melody, whilst each rapper brings some good raps to the table.

Moe Green-Lights Camera Action

I wasn’t familiar with Moe until I caught a couple of tracks from his recent Rocky Maivia: Non-Title Match project. The classic wrestling reference drew me in, and Moe kept me interested with some nice flows and beat selection. Whilst the beat for this one would comfortably suit a mainstream rapper, Moe definitely exhibits some ability with a mic and comes with a similar flow to Kid Cudi’s uptempo style.

Prince Ea – The Brain

Another enjoyable concept track where St Louis rapper Prince Ea tackles “something no other has done”. The topic? The human brain.

Young Roc-The Feeling

Chilled out vibes on the production provide a relaxing backdrop for Young Roc to spit some decent punchlines. One for the hipster/skater rap fans.

Metermaids-Bedford Kings (Sleigh Bells Remix)

Hard beat on this one. The drums on this will definitely have you knocking your head, and has some rock influence in the form of guitar lashings. Has a bit of an early-00′s rap-rock feel about it.

Reef The Lost Cauze – Angels Sing

My final drop for you is an underground oldie from Reef’s 2003 Invisible Empire album. Easily the standout track with that piercing, soulful sample over yet mellow ivory keys where Reef shouts out to some of his “lost soldiers” and questions the gun-culture that engulfs the streets he grew up in.

“What it is about a man of evil that makes you call him a hero/zero tolerance, my man O had a scholarship to play football/but a week before he took off his soul was shook off when them shots took off/wrong place, wrong time, now he in that long line/I wonder if his spirit’s resting, so many questions, no answers.”

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3 comments to Underground Hip-Hop Part 12

  • Chris

    Some nice tracks on here. Really liking this track by Zane One. It’s always refreshing to hear a proper female MC.

  • Chris

    Edit: I fucking LOVE this Sha Stimuli track.

    “I rap slow, I think fast/ I make dough, I get cash/ left lane, I whip past/ these haters sweat me – Gym class/ I probably could have thought of something better there/ but you don’t need rhymes when you everywhere”

    Also, Indi have you heard the line “I love my mother/ I hate racoons/ I LIKE CATS/ I watch cartoons”? Only one rapper that can remind you of!

  • Haha, classic Bizzy Bone.

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