Trey Songz and Drake-The Usual

When these two get together, they usually make some pretty good music. This would be no exception to that rule, with the latest leak from Passion, Pain & Pleasure being a midtempo track of great potential. A tagged up version leaked earlier, but I thought it would only be right to wait for the no tags-and I was right.

The beat is really well put together, and instead of coming across as a standalone beat that these guys have just laid vocals over, the way in which it weaves and blends with the lyrics and vocals is a highlight of the track. It’s toned down for lyrical focus points in the verses, and switched up to full effect with a live drum compliment for the hook, emphasising a catchy and upbeat chorus that gives this track a distinct flavour. Vocals are great as you’d expect from Trey, and Drake’s verse is alright, although I’d hoped he’d do better as this sort of beat normally fits his style well. One to check out for sure, another strong track from the album.

Trey Songz-The Usual ft. Drake

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