Remember Outkast/Andre 3000's Prototype?

You should do, because it was the standout song from The Love Below. It really shot to prominence (if I recall correctly) when Andre performed it on an MTV awards show, and upon that performance the legendary track built its reputation. It’s upon a new version that it may cement its legacy.

I wanted to leave this for R&B Friday, but caved in. Understandably, Jesse Boykins III may not be a familiar name: my only exposure to him was through Mickey Factz mixtapes, as they’ve collaborated several times to good effect. He takes a swing at this track, and does a monumentally good job in not only retaining the beauty of the original, but stamping his own indelible mark on the song. Vocally, the work is very different to the original, being a lot more relaxed and rooted in vintage soul, whilst the production follows suit and drops the sharp guitar notes of the original in favour of a lighter, vocal-boosting sound.

They’re differences that allow this version to stand alongside the original without being hindered by direct comparisons due to the nature of the changes: it’s not about which ones better, but being able to enjoy them both for their respective merits. For me this absolutely consitutes unmissable music, and makes you truly appreciate how there are very few things better than a perfect soul track.
Jesse Boykins III-Prototype ft. MeLo-X and Trae Harris

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