Mickey Factz-I'm Better Than You Mixtape

It’s been delayed, but it has finally arrived. The single statement Mickey Factz has been preaching for the last few months is about to be put to the test: is Mickey Factz better than you? (by you, I/we mean other rappers of course!).

Can’t wait to check this one out, and as any Mickey fan will testify he always gets it done with these full-length mixtape projects. Interestingly, much of the recently released music from Factz expected to be on this tape hasn’t actually made the cut, which probably explains the delay. Download link (1-click, thanks XXL!) is below, and tracklist is after the click.

Mickey Factz-I’m Better Than You

1. Diamond Dust
2. I’m Better Than You feat. Steve-O
3. Legend
5. iLL ft. Nakim
6. Showing Love ft. Count Jus
8. Empty Bottle
9. Interlove
10. Friend Zone ft. Redd Stylez & Lundon
11. Again
12. Mona Lisa ft. Chester French & Kara Rose
12.5. Da as Mickey Factz
13. Trinity
14. Get By feat. Big K.R.I.T.
15. Skyscraper
16. Melodic Nightmares
17. Mind Got Blown ft. B.O.B.
18. Amnesia (The Return)
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