Linkin Park-Wretches and Kings

Old school Linkin Park fans rejoice: this is that vintage Linkin Park sound. There was a concern amongst longtime fans that Linkin Park had gone techno, as The Catalyst (whilst a very good song) seemed to abandon their rockier edge.

This will dispel those fears. The track opens up with one of those hard, rough and edgy guitar riffs that hark back to their much-heralded debut album. Things keep getting better as Mike comes through with his first proper rapped verse in a long time and Joe Hahn throws in those trademark scratches, fully utilising that rock and hip-hop connection that really drew people to LP.

Having said all of that I probably still prefer The Catalyst, as I feel the production and vocals lend give the track much more replayability than this one will. It’s still a good track of course, and will definitely appease the older fans looking for a return to the original style, but feels a little outdated in the wake of their previous album/newest single.

Linkin Park-Wretches and Kings

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