Eminem & Jay-Z Perform In Detroit [Video]

OK, I’m two days late on this one because I’ve just got off a massive bender/hangover but better late than never as they say. Plus I’ve now got 5 or 6 posts lined up for this evening so stay tuned for some epic hip-hop. I always seem to be in on Saturdays as of late. We should call it ‘Hardcore Hip-Hop Saturdays’? No? Ahem…

First up, here’s some footage from Em/Jay’s performance in Detroit from a few days ago. BIG, BIG lineup as they brought out acts including 50, Dre, D12, Young Jeezy, Drake etc. Looks like quite the show!

EDIT: This is the best footage I’ve found yet of Em bringing Dre out on stage. Some serious goose-bump action going on right here.

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1 comment to Eminem & Jay-Z Perform In Detroit [Video]

  • I still can’t believe Dre showed up and performed. And I still can’t get over how huge he is now, he could be a wrestler. In fact maybe that’s what he’s been doing all this time, training to be in WWE.

    Interesting pic of Jay and 50 Cent conversing backstage, would loved to have been a fly on the wall there – considering 50′s jabs at him this past year, and Jay claiming nobody is afraid of 50 Cent in a Westwood interview.

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