Canibus - C Of Tranquility Album Sampler [Video‏]

“Rapper Canibus has had a long, illustrious career as one of hip-hop’s finest lyricists. Now preparing his 10th album, C Of Tranquility, he and label Interdependent Media are releasing a brand new album sampler video. Parterning snippets from every song on the new album with various video footage throughout Canibus’ career, fans can at once celebrate the emcee’s past while getting a preview of what’s to come. Some of the selections featured include “Golden Terra Of Rap,” produced by DJ Premier and “C Scrolls,” produced by Jake One. Tracks produced by Scram Jones, D.R. Period, J-Zone, and more play throughout.”

C Of Tranquility is Canibus’ tenth album (hadn’t realised he’d done so many!), and is being released by Interdependent Media on the 5th of October.

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