Asher Roth and Nottz Raw-Enforce The Law

It’s no secret that Nottz is one of the better producers in the hip-hop game today, so it’s with great pleasure that I (belatedly) bring you the first track from the upcoming free EP from himself and Asher Roth.

A great track to kick things off with, with the production being a raw, gritty beat that clearly has its roots in the old-school style and helps to dispel some misconceptions about Asher’s rapping: he takes this beat on superbly, delivering a nicely-paced and fitting verse with some great lines. I’d never heard Nottz rap before this and he does a decent job too, bringing a more aggressive, Royce Da 5’9″-esque style to the track. Hip-hop heads should definitely be checking for this one.

Nottz Raw and Asher Roth-Enforce The Law

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