Eminem and Lil’ Wayne-No Love Video

I’ve been back and forth with my feelings on this song. At first, I didn’t think they’d used the sample quite right, but it has since grown on me. The same applies for Wayne’s verse too, which for me is one of his best in recent times. Goes without saying that Em’s raps are the highlight of this song, but there’s a growing chemistry between these two you have to appreciate.

Video is decent enough, with an interesting little story throughout of the difficulties of youth. Throw in the customary shots of studio work, artists in front of green screens etc. and you’ll got a video ready-made for the mainstream.

Asher Roth and Nottz-Dontcha Wanna Be (with Colin Munroe)

Nice! Loved the first track from this upcoming EP, and before I’d even listened to this one I loved it. Why? The following mathematically-proven, ancient equation: Asher’s raps + Nottz beat + Colin’s vocals = Winner.

Once again, another superb production is thrown up, this time being a really happy, positively tinged one as opposed to the (equally good) heavy hip-hop stylings of their previous track. As ever, this upbeat style works in Asher’s favour as it helps project his personality much more, whilst Nottz once again surprises with his proficiency on the mic. Great hook from Colin Munroe makes this a fully enjoyable track from top-to-bottom.

Oddly, I’m not sure who to credit this to as I’m sure its from their upcoming collabo album but was sent to me as an individual track from Nottz’s upcoming solo album. Either way, grab it below.

Nottz Raw & Asher Roth-Dontcha Wanna Be (My Neighbor) ft. Colin Munroe

M.I.A.-Let Me Hump You (Demo)

She’s just so crazy. This popped up on some bizarre viral site earlier, and is apparently a demo track. For what it’s unclear, but it’s inevitably going to be hilarious with that title.

Kid*Malcolm-Iron Lord ft. CashaNova

Sometimes, there’s just too much music in my inbox and I forget about stuff. Sometimes, it’s just as well. This time however, I’ve made a mistake-this track is all kinds of superb.

Right off the bat the beat will capture your attention, with a deep, atmospheric, epic feel that really gives this track a sense of purpose, drive and power. Fantastic production, and Malcolm doesn’t let it go to waste with some good raps throughout that play off the production nicely with slow flows and memorable lyrics. Great bit of hip-hop.

Kid*Malcolm-Iron Lord ft. CashaNova

Throwback Thursdays Vol 39: Canibus Edition

Perhaps I’ve let a couple of TT’s slip over the past few weeks (it’s three actually). But as we move into OTU’s most important month to date, not only does October signal OTU’s desired worldwide domination, but also forms a cherished relationship with Canibus.

Therefore in warm up to our October 21st gig debut and in dedication to the man himself, OTU will devote each Thursday to reminisce and educate on some of Bis’ most classic material. And if that wasn’t enough for you, we’ve also got a couple of Hate Is The New Love episodes to further wet your appetite and keep you teetering on the edge of your seats…

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Behind The Scenes of Just The Way You Are

An interesting look behind the scenes of the great video for Bruno’s breakout solo single.

Plenty of footage with the people who matter, and it’s always good to see how these videos are put together, especially when they involve such a superb song.

The finished video can be found here.

Rick Ross, Drake and Chrisette Michele-Aston Martin Music Video

Tagged up visuals, but visuals nonetheless. I do really like this track, and whilst I’m not Ricky’s biggest fan as a rapper, his beat selection is up there with the best in the game.

The features are superbly picked too, with both Drake and Chrisette making worthwhile contributions to the song. Take note folks, I doubt Officer Ricky will be getting this level of (indirect) praise ever again from me.

Stick your hand in here and you should pull out the audio.

Dr. Dre x LeBron James x Affion Crockett-Power Beats Commercial

This advert made me do a few lolz “You been doing a whole lot of working out Dr. Dre, bout time you did a little working out on that album”. You aren’t wrong Affion Crockett, Dre is HENCH and fair play to him for getting in shape, but we need music Dre, we need music.

In related news, Dre has come out and said that he’s working on Detox every single day, and he hopes to put something out there musically by December time….also, (useless fact for you here) I watched and listened to this advert using my Beats by Dr. Dre headphones. True Story.

The Game-We On ft. Ryan Leslie [Produced By Swizz Beatz]

This track seems unfinished to me, certainly needs another verse on it (perhaps from Jay Electronica, given the shout-out he gets from Game immediately into the song?).

Quite decent though, although I expect this to be a throwaway track from his upcoming R.E.D. album, an album that seems like it’s never going to come out.

The Game – We On ft. Ryan Leslie [Produced By Swizz Beatz]

Slim Thug–So High ft. B.o.B

I am partial to a bit of Slim Thugga, here he is collaborating with OTU favourite B.o.B. They both combine very well to deliver us a track that B.o.B fans will certainly enjoy. Superb chorus that will have you singing along, either out loud or in your head!

Slim Thug – So High ft. B.o.B

Eminem-No Love ft. Lil' Wayne [Teaser]

Looks like Lil’ Wayne shot some visuals for this before he was sent away to prison! From this short clip, the video looks to be hella interesting. Looking forward for this video to drop.

Yo Gotti-Look in the Mirror (Remix) ft. Wale, J. Cole & Wiz Khalifa

Interesting remix we have here, Yo Gotti really has pulled a rabbit out the hat with the features on this!

Very interesting to hear Wale, J. Cole & Wiz Khalifa spit on a track that is very much ‘Dirty Southern’ in nature, the kind of track you’d normally associate with Young Jeezy.

Yo Gotti – Look in the Mirror (Remix) ft. Wale, J. Cole & Wiz Khalifa

DatPiff Presents: Filip Filipi - Design & Origin Of Stars

Not had a chance to check this out myself just yet, but given recent (quality) drops by Filip Filipi, I expect to like this very much, as should you. With features from SoShy, Kardinal Offishall, Styles P, Ace Hood, Mickey Avalon, Shanell aka SNL, Lemar, Christian Rich and Ana Ivanović, be sure to cop this.

Filip Filipi – Design & Origin Of Stars

Fall Out Boy's Patrick Stump Sings The One Tree Hill Theme

There’s no real personal motivation for this, but as I know a few of you are One Tree Hill fans (J-Town, this is for you!) and Patrick Stump has a great voice, I may as well put it out there.

I watched OTH once. It was alright, but definitely not as good as The O.C. I demand they start showing The O.C. on E4 again!

Shakira and Dizzee Rascal-Loca Video

Video is released for what should undoubtedly be a massive hit over here, from two of the mainstream’s favourite artists. Don’t really have a great deal more to say, as I’ve not got around to watching the video yet!

Audio is available from here.

Hell Razah-Kids In The Street [Video]

Really feeling this from Razah, just a shame it’s so short.

Off Heaven Razah, the proceeds of which go to his family and medical expenses. Cop that ish here.

Missed the drop with Rugged Man? Get that here too.

EDIT: Got my hands on the album and it’s pure fire! Hardcore, East Coast, Sunz Of Man Heads: you will want this.

Young Jeezy-The Last Laugh (Mixtape)

It’s been referred to as a ‘street album’ on Jeezy/USDA’s site, but let’s be honest, that concept doesn’t exist any more.

Jeezy went completely quiet for a few weeks, despite claiming he would drop TM103 on Sep. 28 a few months back. Unexpectedly, he announced The Last Laugh less than 24 hours before it actually dropped, so his fans will still have some material to get them by.

Young Jeezy-The Last Laugh

Jesse Boykins III and Smoke DZA-Runaway Remix

After that unbelievable Prototype cover, I highly doubt I’m alone in looking forward to another remix/cover from JBIII, and hence I’ll let this go before R&B Friday.

This time he takes on Kanye’s fantastic Runaway beat, lacing the track with his great vocals. Crucially, he changes the entire feel of the song by switching the lyrical content to focus on a relationship/love aspect, and adding a softer, more subtle delivery (come on, Kanye does repeatedly shout ‘douchebags’ in the original!).

Smoke DZA comes through with a guest verse too, rounding off the track nicely with some strong bars that are full of sharp honesty. Great remix all-round.

Jesse Boykins III-Runaway (4rm A G.O.O.D. Man) ft. Smoke DZA

50 Cent and Jeremih-5 Senses

50 promised to release this track on Twitter earlier, and came through moments ago. It looks like Down On Me isn’t the only track these two worked on, and it’s just as well seeing as this one is far better than the aforementioned.

It’s not that rugged 50 sound by any means, but as 50 rightly claimed it’s definitely ‘baby-making music’, being incredibly chilled and relaxing. The beat is suitably minimal, keeping all trace of percussion away in favour of soothing melodies and nice vocals from Jeremih. Real smooth stuff, one the R&B fans will really enjoy.

50 Cent-5 Senses ft. Jeremih

Duck Sauce (Armand Van Helden and A-Trak)-Barbra Streisand

What a collaboration/duo of dance DJs! Two of the icons of the dance game get together for Duck Sauce (apparently, they’ve been active as DS since 09, shows what I know!), and seem to have come up trumps with Barbra Streisand.

Undoubtedly set to be a global hit, the infectious track is accompanied by a video absolutely brimming with cameos from huge names in music, from Kanye West to DJ Premier.

Audio can, and should, be collected from here. Will be an absolute monster in clubs.

Hell Razah/R.A. The Rugged Man-Return Of The Renaissance

If you’re a regular around here then you’ll know R.A. The Rugged Man is one of my favourite MC’s of all time. But nobody can deny this joint is just plain RIDICULOUS!

But firstly, Hell Razah has a new album out titled Heaven Razah which you can cop here. For those of you unaware, Hell Razah has just battled his way out of a coma and has begun his journey on a long road to recovery. It goes without saying, our thoughts at OTU go out to him.

What better way to tribute than to laud deserved praise on this drop, Return Of The Renaissance. Razah spits some knowledge over 32 bars of a jazzy, old-school inspired beat before passing the mic over to Rugged Man who just spazzes out. You think it can’t get any better until he goes acapella…

Hell Razah-Return Of The Renaissance ft. R.A. The Rugged Man

Reks-This Or That [Video]

Here we have some visuals for Rek’s controversial track This Or That from his mixtape In Between The Lines 2.

I am yet to watch but I’m sure, as with anything Reks puts his mind to, it’s laced with hunger and passion.

Audio here.

Random Music News

-The official remix to Chris Brown’s Deuces will feature Fabolous, T.I., Drake, Kanye West, and Andre 3000.

-Former Red Hot Chili Peppers guitarist John Frusciante is working on a collaboration with RZA.

-Mos Def has signed with G.O.O.D. Music

-Nick Cannon has challenged Eminem to a boxing match

-Kanye’s album is set to be released on November 23rd

Canibus: C of Tranquility Tour, Presented By OTU Live

We’ve been busy. You may have noticed us slipping in a new page recently, OTU Live. Well, that would be our new concert promotion ‘division’, and if you know OTU, you’ll know that OTU Live will be thinking big.

You’d be very right too. For our debut concert we’ve secured one of the most iconic rappers of the last 15 years, an MC who is universally respected, and frequently in ‘best of all-time’ lists. OTU Live are bringing Canibus back to the UK, for the first time since 2006.

The fun doesn’t end there either. We’ve also put together a line-up of UK artists that would satisfy any UK hip-hop fan: the trio includes Genesis Elijah, Stig of the Dump and Mangaliso Asi. For more info, head here to grab the press release.

Tickets are on sale RIGHT NOW. Yes, RIGHT NOW. Want some? Of course you do! Click here.

Unfortunately, this event has had to be cancelled due to events outside of OTU Live and Canibus’ control. Keep your eyes peeled for our next event!

OTU Live thinks big: Our very first gig, and we’ve secured not only one of the most iconic rappers of the last 15 years, but also a line-up of UK artists that would satisfy any UK hip-hop fan.

The Niceguys-The Show (Free Album)

Awesome. I’m beginning to get into these guys, and the tracks Not At All and Mr. Perfect are both really good listens, so imagine my delight at finding a whole album for free from them in my inbox! Definitely an upcoming group that I’m taking a lot of interest in, and I really have high hopes for them-they’ve got a good sound, and offer something a little different for the hip-hop fans.

Album can be picked up in its entireity below, and as it’s free you’ve really got no reason for missing this.

The Niceguys-The Show

Jeremih and 50 Cent-Down On Me Video

Visuals for the somewhat underwhelming collaboration from these guys. Jeremih’s album was released today I believe, and there are at least one or two decent tracks on there, give it a go.

Audio can be dragged kicking and screaming from here.

Maino and Joell Ortiz-Ask Me About Brooklyn Video

Maino’s continuous rollout of all things visual continues with the video for his nice collabo with Joell. I was excited when I saw two of OTU’s favourite rappers were working together, and this track certainly didn’t disappoint.

Audio can be coaxed out of here.

Mark Deez/Kool G Rap/Canibus

Well isn’t this a little delight for us all this evening!

G Rap doesn’t bless us with too many verses these days but as both him and Canibus gear up ready to release their respective albums we inevitably find them stepping their feature games up.

Straight from Mark Deez’s Bootstrap Theory, Boot Rap has all three MC’s tearing it up but plaudits here have to go to ‘bus who justifies his longevity in the game by outshining the G.O.A.T himself; the Kool Genius of Rap.

Mark Deez – Boot Rap ft. Kool G Rap & Canibus

Drake, Swizz Beatz and Mary J. Blige-Fancy Remix

Many of you will remember this from the VMAs, and though its taken a while, the studio version is here. I’ve never been too big on the original, but having Mary J on the hook is probably better than Swizz. I know this song does have a lot of fans though, so this one is for you.

Drake-Fancy Remix ft. Mary J. Blige and Swizz Beatz