Throwback Thursdays Vol 36

The joint I was going to drop today would be better suited to a Hate Is The New Love or Sunday Classic Collabo so (reluctantly) I’m going to save it.

Instead, and perhaps more aptly, I’ve got some classic production to share with you today. Yes, you guessed it, DJ Premier on the boards. Obsessed? A little. Enjoy it in it’s intensity.

Group Home, a hip-hop duo consisting of Lil Dap and Melachi The Nutcracker, came to fame through Premo/Guru’s Gang Starr Foundation. In 1995 they released their sonically brilliant LP, Livin’ Proof. Allhiphop hailed Premo’s production as a ‘rhythmic masterpiece’ and some consider it his best work to date. I’m not sure I agree but if it is, then it’s certainly pushed all the way by Premier’s work on Jeru’s The Sun Rises In The East.

The title-track and second single highlights the advanced production Premo was bringing to the fray. A much crisper sound is evident than on his earlier work, something which led the way for another classic in the form of Gang Starr’s 1998 Moment Of Truth. Unfortunately Premo never quite gets the recognition for his work with Group Home due to the sub-par rhyming from Dap and The Nutcracker and his work with higher profile artists often gain all the plaudits.

Group Home – Livin’ Proof (Produced DJ Premier)

Murray’s BDK Rating:ger

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God MC and The President. Enough said.

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