Sunday's Classic Collabo: Rick Ross/Young Jeezy/Jay-Z

<—- Look at this picture, isn’t it so much better when we all get along?

Given recent tensions between Ricky Rozay & Young Jeezy I thought it’d be pretty apt to use this particular song as this week’s Classic Collabo. This is a remix of a track from Rick Ross’ damn good debut album, Port Of Miami, you may or may not remember it…it was a pretty big hit at the time – the track that first alerted everyone to this Rick Ross character.

Jay-Z, being Def Jam president at the time, saw fit to enlist Rick Ross’ Def Jam label-mate Young Jeezy on this remix. What we received was a song containing three very ill verses, with Jay’s predictably being regarded the best of them. Go grab this street anthem by clicking below.

Rick Ross – Hustlin’ ft. Young Jeezy & Jay-Z

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