Sunday's Classic Collabo: Linkin Park and Aaron Lewis (of Staind)

You know whenever I’m on duty for SCC I’m going to bring something a little different and given LPs recent re-emergence, this feels like an appropriate time to revisit a truly classic collabo.

A lot of the original Linkin Park fans were put off by the idea of a (hip-hop oriented) remixed version of the classic debut Hybrid Theory, and subsequently missed out on this album, or hastily criticised it. I personally loved it, although funnily enough the highlight for me was the least hip-hop sounding effort, the remix of Crawling.

Keeping the original vocals, the remix reworks the guitar-driven, jagged original into a progressive orchestral production, only bringing back the melody from the original in its climax. This along with a haunting cameo from the unmistakable voice of Aaron Lewis makes for a genuine highlight of LPs back catalogue, and one of my all-time favourite songs.

Linkin Park-Krwlng ft. Aaron Lewis

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