Sean Garrett-The Inkwell Mixtape

Pretty sure this was originally announced/scheduled to drop quite a while back, but finally we get the newest project from Sean Garrett. Having looked at the tracklist (which you can also do after the click), I’m on the fence: there are a couple of tracks I know are good, and a couple I know are not.

R&B dedicates will probably enjoy the whole thing in fairness, it’s simply my knowledge of Garrett’s real potential (based on his rare, Japan-only debut album) that creates disappointment with some of the new stuff. The last 2 tracks on the tape are from the aforementioned album, and you can click here to grab a previous mixtape that included another 4. You’ll soon see why I get frustrated with the guy! Click below to download the tape, and further below to view the tracklist.

Sean Garrett-The Inkwell

1. Intro
2. She Geeked ft. Tyga & Gucci Mane
3. Summer Love ft. Bun B & Yo Gotti
4. Get It All ft. Nicki Minaj
5. Feel Love ft. Drake
6. Stoopidd
7. Come When My Girl Come ft. Fabolous
8. Girls on Girls ft. Lil Wayne
9. Oh My
10. Wait ft. Rocko
11. Whoa ft. Roscoe Dash
12. Strip Club ft. Soulja Boy
13. One Day
14. Hood Of My Car

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