Rick Ross – The Summa's Mine

Do you remember me saying earlier today that Young Jeezy has come out and said that he hasn’t been dissing Rick Ross in his recent BMF songs? Well judging by this Rick Ross certainly isn’t believing him… Again, frustratingly, no names mentioned, but these are more than just subliminals:

“see I broke it down like a quarter key, bitch, I run the south, I’m what you wanna be,
this how you wanna live, this how you wanna drive, be honest with yourself…I’m who you idolise…

the summa’s mine, every time you turn around they spinnin’ one of mine…
self-made, you just affiliated, really you a waterboy, ni**a you entertainment…

I’m livin’ large, this ni**a’s been a mark, they used his credit cards just to get they rental cars…”

This sh*t is about to pop off.

Rick Ross – The Summa’s Mine

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