Lil' Wayne/Drake - Right Above It

Edit: We’ve got you the CD quality version of this track right now, didn’t have to wait too long, did ya? Go grab it from the red textual link below. Be sure to do so, I haven’t been able to stop listening to this.

Lil’ Wayne – Right Above It ft. Drake

Right, before I say anything else, let me upset you by informing you that this is a radio rip. Don’t be too disheartened though, it’s not a bad version and we’ll put up a CD quality one for you ASAP.

It’s been a Drake and Lil’ Wayne filled day, so why not a drop a collaboration by them? That’s right, a new song by these two – with Wayne in prison, how is this possible? Well this was made before Weezy was locked up. This is set to be the 1st single that will be on Lil’ Wayne’s I’m Not a Human Being EP, which apparently will be dropping on his birthday, September 27th.

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