Kanye West, Jay-Z and Swizz Beatz-Power Remix

The official remix lands, and it’s pretty ridiculous. As I listen to it for the first time right now, I’m smiling as there’s an unbelievable turn every few seconds that just makes you think ‘wow’.

Right from the off, you can hear the additions to the production; additions that create an even richer tapestry for Jay and ‘Ye to let loose some great rhymes. Jay comes through with one of his strongest verses in a very long time, the ‘ooh’ moment being his Taylor Swift reference.

Kanye steals the show though, yet again: His first verse is as good as any of his verses on the original, but its his final verse is just something else. He brings a double-time flow I’ve not heard him use before, and fills it up with some fantastic wordplay. As far as I’m aware, Mos Def and Kobe Bryant (yep, THAT Kobe) helped ‘Ye pen this verse, and they’ve definitely given him some great stuff. Swizzy switches up the beat to a classic sample for the final verse to great effect too, and definitely makes this a true remix.

Kanye West-Power (Official Remix) ft. Jay-Z and Swizz Beatz

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  • SoopaMayne


    But the video to the original version… Now that’s something special. It makes us believe that what we’re watching is something bigger than Hip Hop, something out of this world, something Kanye West.

  • Poetry SoopaMayne, poetry.

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