Filip Filipi - Too High (Plus Two More Tracks)

Some new tracks from Filip Filipi’s upcoming mixtape Design & Origin of Stars. What’s most apparent from listening to all of these is the diversity Filip Filipi shows, one minute he’s spitting over a grimey drum & bass beat, the next a more mainstream track like Hurricane Ana (which is excellent, cop that here if you haven’t already).

It’s clear to see Filip Filipi is one of the most diverse new acts we’ve featured recently on this site, and that is exactly what we’re all about. Another thing worth noting is the production on all of these songs being top notch, which is exactly what I’m all about. Go grab these below.

Filip Filipi – Too High ft. Hyper Crush, Christian Rich & Slush Puppy Kids

Filip Filipi – Wonder Why

Filip Filipi – Bullet Train to Osaka (Feat. Afaliah)

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