DJ Muggs & Ill Bill - Kill Devil Hills

This is the last drop we gift you because I don’t want to ruin the sales of this really, really good album.

I had to give you one more from the album though and, although it was hard choosing, the title-track is the perfect one. Bill’s lyricism was never in question for me, if anything I was concerned about Muggs but he came through on the whole album. The track features a pulsating, almost military-like bassline, held together with some dark keys from the ivory. B-Real and Vinnie Paz illustrate the coming together of two sides: B-Real from Mugg’s Cypress Hill days and of course Paz, a frequent collaborator with Bill.

DJ Muggs & Ill Bill – Kill Devil Hills ft B-Real & Vinnie Paz

Other Kill Devil Hills stuff, including artwork, tracklisting and a few other singles and videos can be obtained here. Kill Devil Hills is released on 31st August.

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1 comment to DJ Muggs & Ill Bill – Kill Devil Hills

  • Chris

    Yeah, I have to agree. I wasn’t sure how this would sound, but Muggs’ production is top class on this album, and really fits with Bill’s style and subject matter.

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