Artistic Post: Black Apples by Julia Chiang

When creating OTU, my intention was always to try and pack all of my interests into my posts, but the massive success of us as music reviewers didn’t really leave time for that. Predominantly, I wanted to incorporate some fashion-related posts, as well as the odd ‘artsy’ post like this right here. Lack of time and consquentially ‘falling out of the loop’ has contributed to never actually getting around to it, but as of today I’m going to slowly infuse OTU with a little something new.

Brooklyn artist Julia Chang has created a set of 50 glazed porcelain apples. ‘Chiang chose the apple because it is a symbol of desire and an icon of the city of New York. According to Chiang, “Most of what I do reveals the unevenness and imperfection of my hand.” “I am interested more in what are viewed as flaws rather than perfection, and in finding objects and materials that hold a story and history’. There’s really something I like about these: they are pretty pop-arty, but they’ve got a unique combination charm in their almost-paradoxical jet black glossiness along with Chiang’s desire to accentuate flaws. And they’re the sort of thing that would look great next to my PS3. I doubt you have $200 to buy, but if so…

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