Wiley - The Great Music Giveaway!

“I jus want everyone to know I make music day and night.” Is how Wiley simply puts it, and he certainly proved that last night where he himself leaked almost 200 of his own tracks that he’s made….for free. That’s right, after sacking his manager on Twitter last night which led to the label no longer wanting to support his upcoming album, Wiley zipped up all of the tracks he’s done for them and uploaded all of them for all of his followers on Twitter to have, for free. Around 11 zip files in total, you’d be mad not to take advantage of this.

This has caused a lot of frenzy on Twitter and the media today, the question is, is Wiley insane? Or a marketing genius? Probably a bit of both. Two different links below that have the full story and links to all the zip files of his music for you. Seriously around 200 tracks, legitimately for free – what are you waiting for!?

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