Throwback Thursdays Vol 34

In 1999 two of New York’s finest MC’s came together to create not only one of the 90’s most memorable rap albums, but an album spearheaded by one of the 90’s most memorable rap songs.

That’s right, we’re talking Wu-Tang’s Method Man and Def Squad’s Redman with their debut LP Blackout! and their cornerstone single Da Rockwilder. The album’s hyped success saw it go platinum less than three months after it’s release date and is considered amongst many hip-hop advocates as a debut classic.

Da Rockwilder was produced almost fortuitously by the now-prolific Rockwilder (Jay-Z’s Do It Again, Xzibit’s Front 2 Back, Cristina Aguilera’s Dirty to name only a few) and, as you will see in his interview, was actually only intended to be an interlude on the album hence why it was so short. Rockwilder says Red and Meth were holding a listening party when everyone kept requesting the song so much that they had to change it to become the lead single instead of Tear it Off.

The reason Da Rockwilder was such an instant hit because there was nothing out at that time that sounded remotely like the freshness which Rockwilder brought with his crisp, up-tempo production. On the mic, Red and Meth brought their unrivalled chemistry to perfectly compliment the beat with textbook, on point flows and braggadocio lyricism. The visuals represent the high budget music videos hip-hop music was commanding at the time, with dramatic effects, elaborate sets and bikini-clad dancers.

It was just a shame the track was so short!

Here’s that interview with Rockwilder.

Method Man & Redman – Da Rockwilder

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