Throwback Thursdays Vol 33

The Gravediggaz are credited as one of the most influential horrorcore groups hip-hop has seen. In 1994, with their acclaimed 6 Feet Deep album, they laid the foundations for artists to come such as Big L, Eminem and Necro.

After widespread success, Prince Paul found himself between a rock and a hard place with regard to his label. To vent this frustration, Prince started to create a new, heavier sound but needed a crew to aid him. This is where he enlisted Wu-Tang’s RZA, fellow Stetsasonic MC; Frukwan, and Too Poetic to complete his quartet.

Their 1994 effort, 6 Feet Deep, as you might expect with RZA and Prince Paul behind the production was sonically amazing. Each beat perfectly represents the dark subject matter conveyed, and although each track is distinctly different, they all seems to come together to flow seamlessly.

1-800-Suicide was the third single released from the album and just shades it as my favourite. Unlike many of the other tracks, 1-800 is much more laid back which not only becomes more radio-friendly (although that certainly wasn’t Gravediggaz number 1 priority at the time) but more importantly allows each MC to shine as the beat sinks away into the background.

Lyrically, each MC spit some harrowing imagery concerning suicide and although now this might not appear too inspiring, remember it was these first steps into the unknown which led the way for horrorcore to come.

Gravediggaz – 1-800-Suicide

Murray’s BDK Rating:ger

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