Sunday's Classic Collabo: Dizzee Rascal / Wiley

Keeping with our recent commitment to bring you the best in the UK urban scene I’m bringing you a rare collaboration between foes Dizzee and Eskiboy.

So we’ve seen how the two fell out, now it’s time for us to see a time when they were buddies. Lifted straight from Dizzee’s classic Boy In Da Corner we have a grime-infused track laced with undeniable chemistry between the two. Although there are a few more joints with both MC’s teaming up (various Sidewinder parts for example), this is pretty much the only proper, official track where they can be found together.

This joint, like the album, was so ahead of its time. It was born at a time where ‘grime’ was still a word only used to describe something dirty and not only the UK scene, but also the U.S., wasn’t quite sure how to take it. Dizzee spits his characteristic, punchy rhymes whilst Wiley delivers one of his most memorable verses with irresistible hunger. It pioneered a whole industry which was only beginning to emerge and is held amongst the grime community akin to how U.S. hip-hop holds Illmatic.

Dizzee Rascal (feat Wiley) – 2 Far

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