Rick Ross/Jay-Z/John Legend - Free Mason

Edit: Well that didn’t take long, in fact the CD quality of this track leaked soon after I went to bed! So here you go, I’ve replaced the below link with the real version which won’t offend you ears. This song is awesome.

Definitely the last leak we’ll be posting from Officer Ricky’s Teflon Don album. Here is a radio rip of his collaboration with Jay-Z (let loose by DJ Khaled). Rest assured when that CD quality version of this track appears, we’ll put it up, but for now think of this of a preview of what sounds like a very good track.

Jay-Z’s verse goes hard (on all those who’ve recently accused him being a devil-worshipping Mason) on this, definitely worth checking out – I’ll be listening to the CD quality version of this a lot when that leaks! Go grab it below.

Rick Ross – Free Mason ft. Jay-Z & John Legend

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