R&B Fridays: Episode 58

Let’s be honest here, my comeback was never going to feel complete until I dropped one of these. Indi’s done a cracking job over the last few weeks, keeping the R&B Fridays standards high and giving you all your weekly dose of R&B.

Taking 3 weeks away from new music (it’s taking forever to catch up…) has given me a clear head and fresh perspective on each of the tracks this week (admittedly, I’ve become less critical as a result!), so click on and grab some R&B from big names and newcomers alike. Do it. NOW.

Mario-Backstage Pass
-A slow, smooth one to kick things off. Mario takes on a pretty simple production style, with a basic percussion driven verse set accompanied by a perky piano addition for the chorus. Mario’s vocals hold the track together well, and definitely make the production feel a bit livelier than it actually is.

Shareefa-Ya Love ft. Raheem DeVaughn
-I hadn’t heard of this lady before Indi’s previous R&B Friday, and it has to be said that she’s very gifted. Love her voice, as it has an addictive raw quality, whilst remaining easy-on-the-ear and smooth enough to slide in with this soul/jazz production. Raheem adds a really good verse of his own, making this a very complete track that the soul heads will go crazy for.

Trey Songz-Mojo
-A much more hip-hop based effort from Trey, and this is definitely incomplete. The track clearly isn’t yet mastered, but it’s still a nice taster of what the final version could sound like. I can imagine it would be a pretty bouncy track when finished, give it a go and see for yourself.

Karina Pasian-For Now
-A few Pasian tracks dropped this week, and this was one of the best. A ballad-style affair, the hook has a nice defiant edge to it whilst remaining ‘loved-up’. The lyrics are really on point throughout, and the production has a likeable progressiveness.

Nina Sky-The Other Side
-Liking this an awful lot. The first few seconds will hook you in right away, and the track builds into an uptempo monster. Nice vocals throughout, and they’re ably backed by a thumping dance production. Haven’t heard from these guys in ages, but if they keep churning out material like this they’re on for a comeback.

J. Lewis-Shut ‘Em Up ft. Game
-Haven’t heard of this guy since (or before) his Flo Rida collab. Liking this one a lot more than the aforementioned track, with a much more rounded production, better vocals and of course a nice Game verse to cap everything off.

Kat DeLuna-Everybody Dance ft. Elephant Man

-Kat DeLuna is very, very underrated. She’s got a fantastic ear for a beat, and makes some undeniably good uptempo music. I’ve yet to hear a song of hers that wouldn’t do a great job for any DJ-this is no exception, and may be one of her best yet. She knows how to deliver on these big, pacey beats, bringing decent verses along with a memorable bridge/hook. Elephant Man is a great addition too. Not one to miss.

Rotimi-Beautiful Music
-Forgive me: this track has been around for like 6 months. However, I heard it by chance on MTV Base in South Africa, and very much enjoyed it. It’s frighteningly similar to Birthday Sex at first, but does come into its own as the track progresses. The hook (and build to the hook) are really good in their own right, and Rotimi’s got a really strong set of vocals.

Katy Perry-Teenage Dream
-As far as I’m aware (not very), this is the title track from her upcoming album. Very, very different to California Gurls, as it has a little more lyrically and isn’t as much of a party track. It’s still got a very uplifting and upbeat feel though, and I have to say that this is a really listenable track for all the right reasons.

-Loving this one. As per Day26′s career, their best material is the unreleased stuff, and this proves that theory further. Slow, winding verses build to a brilliantly-delivered hook, both lyrically and vocally. Really has the feel of a strong Lloyd track, and Day26 really do themselves justice here.

Kaci Battaglia-Body Shots ft. Ludacris
-If you’re anything like me, you’ll have let out a few Lil’ Jon ‘YEEEAHHH’s at the start of this track. He’s not on the song, but this could easily be one of his as the fast-paced production is classic Lil’ Jon (it sounds like he’s doing backing vocals on the hook too!). Luda’s flow on this one is insane too, definitely keep the ears locked for that verse. A pulsating club track with great potential.

Jay Sean-2012 ft. Nicki Minaj
-Indi dropped an early version of this, and this would be the final version with Minaj on the feature. As Indi said, this is one of Jay’s best tracks in a while: an well-produced uptempo track with a feelgood element, and some decent vocals from Jay Sean. However, Jay seems convinced that 2012 is the end of the world-what’s he planning?!

Mario-Tappin’ Out
-Something more in the midtempo range from Mario, with a clever ‘submission’ metaphor throughout. The production is progressive, which adds a touch of atmosphere to the track. Decent one all-round.

Trey Songz-I Want You
-Classic, classic Songz. I’m not normally one for too many slow jams, but keep them coming all day if they’re Songz originals. An airy, soft production for the verses steps up with some likeable percussion for the hook, and is all a capable backdrop for some great vocals from Trey. Some nice lyrics throughout, but its the feel the production gives off that will get you hooked on this one.

Karina Pasian-One Way Ticket
-Closing off with another good ballad from Karina. A soft piano melody does a good job in fronting the production, and Karina brings some good lyricism to the table. The vocals are likeable in their variety too, as she plays with a few different approaches and styles.

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