R&B Fridays: Episode 57

Apologies for the delay, I’ve been busy today. Not only that, but narrowing this edition to 24 tracks was a hard task – I’ve had to cut out tracks that would have easily made the last two episodes! I’d recommend you download every one of these songs, you could easily make this your very own R&B playlist and not skip a single track.

A lot of new artists this week, with only a couple of notable star names, click on to get these gloriously rich tracks, you won’t be disappointed by what you hear.

Slim – Medicine
This is a track that is blessed with some brilliant production, it’d be impossible for Slim to make a weak song out of this. Some decent lyrics, and a chorus that will have you nodding your head to this bouncy track.

Travis Garland – Sexy Together
No idea who this guy is, but this is a great song over what sounds like a Timbaland beat. Unbelievably a demo for Justin Bieber!? I can’t see this song sounding anything like this with Biebmeister in control, I look forward to hearing how he approaches it though.

Ray Lavender – Faithful ft. Young Joc
When I saw Young Joc as a feature, I almost didn’t bother checking this one out. I decided to give it ago, purely because I do quite like Mr. Lavender – and I’m pleased I did. This is quite slow over a very atmospheric beat with some nice lyrics, the chorus too is pretty delightful. Even Young Joc’s verse is alright, top track all round!

Quincy Jagher – Animal
Switching it up a bit, this almost sounds like a slightly slower paced David Guetta production. Quincy doesn’t waste it and auto-tunes up a nice track you can dance to in the club.

Claude Kelly – Better Than This
Turning the pace down again, Claude Kelly brings us a brilliantly constructed song delivered with some close and personal lyrics. A real lovely song that, despite the slow nature of the song, will lift your spirits.

Lyfe Jennings – My Baby Mama’s Tryna Kill Me
Brilliantly original title, not something you’d associate with R&B exactly, so listening to these lyrics are a welcome change. Pretty slow track, but the production is quite up-beat.

Teairra Mari – Comin’ Back To You
Teairra Mari delivers us an excellent ballad here, a little disappointed she chose to use auto-tune, as her voice is good enough without it. It doesn’t ruin the track though as it’s still great to listen to. I’m not usually into slow R&B songs, but the beat on this kept me interested throughout.

Sandy Redd – Lyrically In Heat

This Chicago singer recently linked up with iStandard producer showcase winner, ILL Brown for this new track “Lyrically In Heat” which is a song that will be on the upcoming W.B.C. Magazine mixtape, Hotter Than July, which will be sponsored by gowherehiphop (out July 22nd). Nice soulful track this, Sandy Redd has an amazingly soothing voice.

The Network – They Said
No idea who ‘The Network’ are, but this is a nice happy and upbeat song that you can smile along to. It’s about how people never believed this guy’s relationship with his girl would ever work, but they were wrong apparently.

Osei Jenkins – Straight Jacket
Another great personal song here to vibe to, Osei Jenkins starts this off as a pretty slow song, but the addictive chorus (helped by the great beat) to this will you have wanting to move about.

Ryan Hirt – Fix My Heart
Yup, another pretty slow song, but with some great production that makes this really enjoyable to listen (starting to spot a pattern here?) coupled with some very personal lyrics here that a lot of us can relate to.

Youngin – Ms Popula ft. Watts
Right, let’s get moving again. Club track here by ‘Youngin’ who is singing about a girl he really wants to talk to, as does everyone else. We all know a popular girl like that. I can see this being played on the radio/clubs, in America at least.

Andra – White Swans ft. Lupe Fiasco
Almost let this one loose earlier today, but decided I’d leave it in here to further enhance what is already a great edition of R&B. A superb verse by Lupe, rapping along to piano chords with Andra doing a fusion of rapping and singing along to the switched up bass. This beat is just amazing, with all sorts going on and it all working well together as well as the lyrics. I definitely recommend you giving this track a good listening to.

Bryan Michael Cox – Mirror
With lyrics associated with what some people may call a ballad, Bryan Michael Cox has decided to sing this over a club beat. The result? A song I would like to dance to, very much.

Ne-Yo – My Star
A more familiar name to you all, Ne-Yo gives us a slow song here. I’m not usually too fond of his slower stuff, but lyrically I can’t fault this. With a chorus that you can really appreciate too, I can’t hate.

Frankie Storm – I Come Apart
Another bouncy club track (I’m certain I’ve heard the incredibly addictive sample on this before?) you can see why now that I let the David Guetta song go earlier, as this post is full of them already! Not that I’m complaining (and neither should you), a great song to dance to/play in the car.

Akon – Time Is Money ft. Big Meech & Rock City
Notorious gangster, Big Meech, provides some words at the start and a sample of his voice for the chorus, and gives us some wise words – basically people with money, have no time and people with time, have no money! Rock City also feature on this, and since they’re no longer signed to Akon, I’m guessing this is just an unreleased track. Great stuff from Akon, as per usual.

Andrea Martin – Everything
Another fantastically personal track, with a superb chorus, this will be rotating in my playlist for a while.

Riz – Pieces Of My Heart
Riz delivers some decent lyrics over a great beat, it’s the way he delivers them vocally (with some assistance from some auto-tune) that makes this track, especially the chorus.

Shareefa – Home Wrecker
A very good track here by Shareefa, with some originality subject material. As you can guess she’s singing (with some pain and anger) about the woman her man has cheated on her with. Shareefa has a great voice too.

Frankie Storm – Love Don’t Leave Me Alone
Second track by Frankie in this edition and this is very different to the previous one, it almost sounds like two completely different artists! The previous being a very club orientated track, this one is very much a fun, pop type of track. Some happy go lucky stuff here.

Jade Mckenzie – Uncureable
Slow affair this one, with once again some great personal lyrics, the sort of track you close your eyes to and really listen on in. Really good beat here to supplement that.

Avery Storm – Super Model
Coming towards the end of this week’s edition, we’ll switch it up again. This is a club track which you’d definitely move to if you heard it on a night out!

Frankie J – Rebound ft. Jump Smokers
The final track, we have a very fun track for you to bounce to. Jump Smokers assist here with some decent raps which flow well to this club track. Which is one that’s about getting drunk and getting some rebound loving. One that many of you can relate to, I’m sure ;)

And that concludes you R&B fix for this week, next week should see the return of Ajay, so if you’re sick of me already, you’ll perhaps get a bit more variety in this genre! If you’ve liked what you’ve got from me, tough. I’m going back to some lovely mainstream hip-hop.

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