R&B Fridays: Episode 56

After the success of last week’s R&B Friday, I’ve once again picked up Ajay’s mantle this week and have for you another quality episode.

Here we have for you some big names in Ciara, Usher, JLS, Chris Brown, Keri Hilson, Omarion and we also have for you some newcomers. Up and coming regulars of this weekly feature like Jackie Boyz & Rock City also make an appearance, as you’d expect by now.

So click on for a load of tracks that will keep you entertained until your next scheduled fix!

Edit: I’ve since received the official album version of the new Usher track (with a different, new Pitbull verse) so come inside and grab the even higher quality one.

Usher – DJ Got Us Fallin’ In Love ft. Pitbull
This is set to be the 1st single from Usher’s forthcoming EP, Versus. What we have here is pretty much a certified hit, expect this to hit the airwaves everywhere at some point. The production on this is tailored perfectly for the radio and the clubs, and will certainly have you moving. Pitbull provides a verse at the end which flows well to the track. Summary: you’d be an idiot not to download this!

Teairra Mari – Body
Produced by Warren “Oak” Felder, we have here another bouncy type track. It’s the sort of track I could definitely hear Beyonce over, in terms of the beat, the lyrics and flow – so (former Jay-Z protégé) Teairra’s done a good job here. This is going to be on her EP that’s coming out in August, titled Sincerely Yours.

RydazNRtist – Cakes ft. Fabolous
Fabolous really is great on these R&B features, and this track is no different, his verse opens up the song with his smooth flow suiting the track well. RydazNRtist do their thing and the group take care of the rest of the track with their lyrics & vocals.

Danity Kane – Stop Time
An unreleased track from Bad Boy’s former group Danity Kane, on a great beat that eventually found its way to Keri Hilson. I wasn’t expecting much, but this track is pretty excellent. Lyrically on point with vocals that’ll have you fall in love with these ladies. Shame they split up.

Keri Hilson – High Definition
Speaking of Keri Hilson, here’s a fantastic track by her! It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of Keri, and with songs like this I will continue to be. If you liked her Timbaland-produced album, you’ll really enjoy this song too. A few DJ tags on this unfortunately though.

Omarion – No One Else
Almost found its way into last week’s episode, however I decided to hold off until I acquired a better version, so here you have it Omarion fans will like this, production that’s on point with some decent verses by him. The chorus is a tad too repetitive, but hey maybe that’s just me.

J. Valentine – Single ft. LeToya Luckett
Here J. Valentine does his rendition of Lil’ Wayne’s fantastically chilled out track – I’m Single. Slightly different angle on this to the Wayne track, as J.Valentine sounds like he’s been scorned by a woman. Again, annoyingly, a few DJ tags on this – however this track is great, hence why I’m posting it regardless. LeToya Luckett provides a verse to give the song a woman’s perspective.

Deonte – No More
Newcomer to R&B Fridays and if this guy continues to be making tracks of this quality, then expect him to become a regular. A brilliantly personal record from here about him breaking up with his lying girlfriend.

Ciara – Gimme That

The second single from Ciara’s Basic Instinct album, with a much more up-tempo club type effort than her last track. One for the clubs and one to demolish the speakers on your cars.

DJ AI – Dancing For You ft. B.o.B & Bruno Mars
The B.o.B & Bruno Mars track, Nothin’ On You, gets remixed by DJ AI, giving it a much more R&B vibe. He’s done a great job on this, and I quite possibly prefer this to the original!

J West – She’s Bad ft. Ray J
Pretty decent R&B here, although a little generic. Made purely for the clubs/radio, if you don’t mind the sub-par lyrics this will have you moving, with its rather addictive chorus.

Kristinia DeBarge – Love With A Bullet
Conversely, this is a track with lyrics that are clever and meaningful. Matched with a powerful beat, Kristina DeBarge supplements this with her ever so slightly auto-tuned vocals. Thankfully you can barely notice the auto-tune, so it takes nothing away from a really great song. One that will be rocking my playlist for weeks to come.

TC – Disaster
Not going to lie, I have no clue who this TC chap is, what I do know is that I’m a big fan of this track. This is exactly what R&B is about (to me) in its rawest form. The beat is decent, nothing special – but TC doesn’t need it to make the song good, in fact it’s his lyrics and excellent hook that makes the beat sound better than it is. Other R&B ‘stars’ take note.

Mishon – Ambulance
Mishon here is in need of an ambulance, go hear the track to find out why. While you find that out, you’ll also find a good beat, with a nice chorus to keep you hooked.

Ester Dean – Big Things ft. Chris Brown
Chris Brown’s really starting to take this rapping stuff seriously eh? Can’t say I blame him, he sounds pretty good on this very up-tempo club track. Ester Dean provides us with an interesting track to say the least. Wouldn’t surprise me if Chris Brown wrote some of this, the chorus is very much him.

Rock City – Playa
Another week, another quality Rock City track – these guys don’t let up, do they? I seriously need to hear an album from them, because they are very talented. This is also an upbeat type track, as you can guess from the title, this is about how they play ‘the game’ so to speak.

Casely – Taste Ur Love
Nice track here by Casely, lyrically on point with an great chorus. Is the title of this track a euphemism? I hope not…

Ryan Tedder – Ice
A typically superb R&B beat here for Ryan Tedder to sing on, with a real powerful chorus – although I’m not really a fan of the metaphor “frozen like an icicle”. Still a very good track though, many of you will love this.

Chrishan – Ima Get It In
This guy very much sounds like he’s trying to do a Chris Brown impression, seriously. If someone had labelled this track as a Chris Brown one in iTunes, I almost would have believed it. Still, this is pretty good (the bass on this beat is mental!) and is a track that will have its fans.

Tania Christopher – Heart Protector ft. Jackie Boyz
Starts off pretty slow but surprisingly picks up and becomes very high tempo. The very talented Jackie Boyz assist on this to great effect, will sound great in/on the radio/clubs/car. Nice and uplifting.

Israel – We Don’t Give A Fuck
Strange name for an R&B artist and even stranger name for an R&B track! Make no mistake though, this track isn’t ground-breaking. What it is though, is a very good party jam, about having an alcohol-induced great time.

Ryan Tedder – Not 2 Luv U
Some more Ryan Tedder for your ears. The beat on this comes on a very different tip to the last one, with this being a little darker whilst maintaining an up-beat melody. Another very good track here by Ryan Tedder, I’m hard-pressed to say which one I prefer out of the two, as both are great for different reasons. No silly metaphors on this one though :)

JLS – Only Tonight ft. Chipmunk
This is probably the track you’ve been waiting impatiently for the most, right? Yeah well that’s why I’ve left it until last! I’m not big on either of these artists, however a lot of you love these guys, and you will no doubt adore this track. Not a bad effort if I don’t say so myself, in fact I’ll admit that this is one of the strongest tracks in this week’s episode…expect this to be a big hit.

That’s all for this week folks, although I may or may not do a part II next week and give you the tracks that I ruthlessly omitted from this episode. Seeing as fans of the slower style of R&B were neglected today, I may just do that for you guys in particular.

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