R&B Fridays: Episode 55

With Ajay currently incarcerated in some grotty South African prison, your weekly R&B fix has been left with me to try and fill. Now I may not have anywhere near the amount of knowledge with this genre, I can however appreciate a good R&B song.

I’ve sorted through over 50 R&B songs over the last week and have narrowed it down to the best 24 and for that reason you shouldn’t at all be dissuaded from clicking on. We have some real gems for you, from the big names, to many a newcomer. Click that red text to find out whether I’m true to my word, or whether I’ve completely ballsed this feature up….(now that’s pressure!)

Jackie Boyz – Like Nobody’s Watching
An upbeat song which will have you dancing about in a club no doubt, the beat itself reminds me a little of Jay Sean’s track, Down. Definitely one for those who like their uplifting R&B.

Jackie Boyz – R.I.P 2 V.I.P
With a beat that’s a bit more darker than the previous track, this sounds very Kanye/808s like. This is another great track that will have you moving, no doubt. Really looking to what else these guys come out with (assuming these two tracks are intended for themselves).

J. Rice – Love The Way Lie (Not Afraid)
Yup, as you can guess from the title, this is a cover of two great Eminem songs. Over a different smooth type of beat, J Rice sings Rihanna’s hook to almost as good a standard. He also introduces some of his own personal verses, whilst also singing portions of Not Afraid (which incidently sound a lot better than Eminem singing on Not Afraid!) Fans of those two Eminem songs should most definitely be picking this up.

Enrique Iglesias – I Like It (remix) ft. T.I.
I never (ever) thought I’d post an Enrique Iglesias track on this website, let alone two (yeah, there’s another one coming up). The only reason I listened to this was because of the T.I. feature, and surprisingly I found myself liking this. Even without the T.I. on this track, it’s pretty decent, although his verse most definitely adds to this poppy affair.

Enrique Iglesias – Dirty Dancer ft. Usher
Another Enrique track for you, with Usher assisting. There were a few other tracks by him knocking around, I believe his album, Euphoria, has sprung a leak. Again, surprisingly I found myself nodding my head to an Enrique Iglesias track, this one is definitely more R&B related and I can see this being a massive hit.

Brooke Valentine – Tell Ya Boys Goodnight
Who? “Don’t call it a comeback” or maybe we should? Brooke Valentine, the one-hit wonder, has a new track that’s surfaced and it’s a pretty enjoyable one to listen to. Definitely a throwback to the classic female R&B type of music (think Monica/Destiny’s child, to a certain extent).

Chris Anthony – Need All Ya Love ft. Baby Boss
Now this is exactly my type of R&B, with a gripping hook which is complimented with a really addictive beat. Heck, we even have some rap in this (courtesy of Baby Boss, I assume). A track that will be played in my car a lot over the next few weeks.

Ne-Yo – Champagne Life (remix) ft. Rick Ross
Seems like it’s Rick Ross week, just can’t get away from him! Now I like Ne-Yo, he’s uber talented, however when it comes to his songs, they’re very hit and miss to me. This one is filed under miss, it’s just that this type of R&B doesn’t really hold my attention for more than two seconds. R&B heads may well love this though, so don’t be put off by me not liking it.

Bei Maejor – Kisses In The V.I.P.
Another slowish type R&B track that at first I wasn’t feeling. Having actually given it a chance though, I found the chorus to be pretty catchy and the beat suddenly didn’t seem quite as boring. And actually having listened to the lyrics properly, I’ve decided this is in fact pretty good! Nice track to vibe to.

Dominic – So What ft. Rick Ross
The second Rick Ross collabo we have for you in this selection, with this one impressing me far much more. Uplifting R&B, with Rick Ross’ verse (in contrast to the Ne-Yo track) being really good to listen to. This Dominic fella, who I know nothing about, does his thing too. Top effort all round.

Rock City – She’s All Up On Ten

Big fan of these guys and they don’t disappoint with this track either – although the production seems a little off key, so maybe it’s not finished yet. 7/10 for me.

Sterling Simms – Blackberry
One for the ladies, or for seducing the ladies – either/or. Nice play on a 2Pac line for the chorus too btw. Not usually a fan of these type of songs, but this is one I like.

Casely – All I Wanna Do Is Love (Acoustic Version)

Staying on the same tip, this is an even slower jam. The fact that it’s acoustic really helps hit home the lyrics of this talented singer. I’m sure this is one many of you will like.

DecadeZ – With Keisha
Switching it up back to something more of my taste, this is one where you can really appreciate the production. With lyrics and subject matter that clearly mean something to DecadeZ, this is another one that will be played in my car a lot.

Jazmine Sullivan – Holding You Down
One perhaps the more hip-hop orientated may enjoy (dare I say, even Murray?), this is a track that samples a track by The Firm and also a drum loop reminiscent of Nas’ I Know I Can. A delightful track which reminds me a lot of Mary J. Blige (obviously a great thing).

Darryl Farris – Never Giving Up
Nice dark track here by Darryl Farris, as the title suggests he’s going to do whatever he can to win back his girl, real good track. Again it’s the production that makes this song so likeable, with lyrics guys can relate to and girls can vibe to.

Lonny Bereal – Brand New Woman
Again, the production is very much a win on this – with lyrical content involving some bravado about making a female feel like a brand new person…after erm…encountering him. With a hook and lyrics that’ll have you humming away in your head as you listen to it, it’s probably worth a download.

Marcus John – So Weak
Conversely, this track has this singer talking about how a female makes him feel so different (in this case, weak). Nice lyrics with an uplifting mood – feel good music with a nice beat.

Mr. Robotic – That Girl ft. Christian Rich
Another feel good song for you, with a twinge of hip-hop influence. Christian Rich provides the chorus, which sounds very Pharrell like.

Kelis – 4th Of July (Fireworks) (Calvin Harris remix)

Probably worthy of a post of it’s own, as it’s not really R&B at all (ah well). Calvin Harris adding his own flavour to this Kelis track…definitely prefer this to the original.

Ray Lavender – Gone
Bringing it back down to some nice, slow and smooth R&B for your ears, Ray Lavender delivers over this simple beat with a chorus that will hold your interest for the whole track. Nicely done.

Pharrell (Of N*E*R*D) – Rocket’s Theme
A fair few of his tracks from the OST for the animated soundtrack, Despicable Me, leaked – this was one of the few I quite liked. A more soulful effort than R&B I’d say, but decent nonetheless.

Robin Thicke – My Life
Another leak from previously mentioned OST, not really my thing, but then I don’t really like Robin Thicke’s music. You may enjoy this though.

Jagged Edge – Forever My Girl
Bringing this feature to an end this week, this legendary R&B group brings us another good track. Remarkable how much consistency these guys have shown throughout the years. This is one that’s fairly slow, also emitting good vibes.

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