Raekwon/Eminem Collabo On The Way! Nas Collabo In The Works Too

Wow, this should excite a fair few of you hip-hop heads. Raekwon talks (via Twitter) about chopping it up with Eminem & Nas at the Openair Frauenfeld festival in Switzerland (which myself and Ajay went to last year)!

Here’s what he had to say:

“ok since yall dont think its me imma show yall, just met my dude @eminem today in switzerland, collabo gonna happehttp://twitpic.com/23wgru,”

“we spoke for a few but he had a ill story he said when he was gettin on he came to staten for parkhill day in 97 and that blew my mind!”

“Also seen my brother @nas tonight as well and theres alot more collabos in the works for us but also got some footage 4 yall!”

I can’t even imagine how an Eminem/Raekwon collabo would sound like!

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