Paul Wall/Jay Electronica/Raekwon/Yelawolf/Chamillionaire/Bun-B/Kid Sister

Here are three excellent tracks from Paul Walls upcoming album, Heart Of A Champion. Starting with my favourite of the three – the first is star-studded with features, with Jay Electronica, Raekwon & Yelawolf all contributing, this is a real nice introspective song, with everyone coming through with a good verse. The second track is a Chamillionaire collaboration (who provides a great harmonic hook, as per). The third track is one with Houston legend, Bun-B and also Kid Sister – the beat on this one is pretty crazy.

On the strength of these three tracks, this Paul Wall album is going to be very good, and I’ll certainly be checking it out – as should you.

Paul Wall – Live It ft. Jay Electronica, Raekwon & Yelawolf
Paul Wall – Round Here ft. Chamillionaire
Paul Wall – Imma Get It ft. Bun-B & Kid Sister

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