Paul Gascoigne is an ABSOLUTE legend!

Football fans will absolutely love this, I am in tears.

Paul “Gazza” Gascoigne of England Football fame has turned up at the armed police stand-off in Northern England. Latest news can be found on the BBC Site.

There was just an interview clip from a local radio station with Gazza who is clearly boozed up, talking absolute nonesense. Some of his quotes are reported to have been:

Gazza says he knows Raoul Moat and is offering to help police negotiators

Gazza: “I knew Raoul Moat when I played for Newcastle. Raoul was a gentleman. Somebody must have wound him up.”

Gazza: “He is a lovely bloke I know that. I think he’s frightened. He’ll put his gun down but is scared in case police shoot him kill him.”

Gazza: “I drove from Newcastle to Rothbury. I brough him a dressing gown, can of lager. I think I can help him through this”

Gazza is not being allowed in to Roaul Moat siege location: “Police told me Raoul might shoot me. I just want to shout Moaty I’m here”

Gazza in Rothbury: “I spoke to Raoul Moat a year and a half ago in Newcastle. He is a bouncer, a good lad, a hard guy.”

Any clips I find will be uploaded, for now just imagine the hilarity.

In all seriousness though OTU wants to see the situation resolved.

EDIT: He has also brought Raoul Moat the following items; a can of lager, a cooked chicken, and a fishing rod. Oh Gazza!

EDIT 2: Link to interview

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