MoonRunners Vs Daft Punk - Feels Like Magic [Video]

First off props to Mike for bringing this track & video to my attention!

I’m not going to lie, I know nothing of this group ‘MoonRunners’ but a quick google search tells me that they’re a 4 man British collective, who consider themselves bloggers as much as they do artists.

With this track they’ve sampled a classic Daft Punk song to superb effect, with a music video that cost them just £55 to make! This isn’t by any means a brand new track, but I’ve only just heard it, so I’m guessing quite a few of you have yet to hear it too.

Go check out this great club (with a fusion of hip-hop) track to the left here and then have the audio on repeat after grabbing the download below.

MoonRunners Vs Daft Punk – Feels Like Magic

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