Chima Anya – Jazz Cafe [Freestyle]

Wow, this is crazy – Chima Anya freestyles off the top of his head at Jazz Cafe last night (whilst supporting Wale) and to prove that his freestyle wouldn’t be pre-written, he asks the crowd to give him subjects to rap about! Props to Roy @ DJ Semxtex’s blog for this video.

“The crowd came up with Immigration, Bloggers, Nigeria, Chicken and Chips, Celebrities and being a one woman man. Hit play and see the result!”

Putting some of his American counterparts to shame.

Impressed by this? Go check out his recent remix of Kanye’s new single.

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4 comments to Chima Anya – Jazz Cafe [Freestyle]

  • Percy Miracles

    Not that impressed by Chima Anya, Strategy of Broke n English does it every month in ‘Who’s Rhyme is it Anyway’ at their Manchester shows. There’s a 1Xtra freestyle where the subjects are being shouted out as he’s rhyming and he incorporates them without stopping. Much better than this guy.

    And can’t hate on Drake, it doesn’t matter if he’s reading off his phone, his sounded better than Chima’s. There’s a Green Lantern video of SlaughterHouse with Joe Budden (who I know you love) reading off some paper. If it’s good, it’s good!

  • Ah really, admittedly my knowledge of UK hip hop is very, very poor, so to me I was really impressed by this. I do think it’s a dying art, rapping off the top of the dome. I’m in the camp that doesn’t mind if a freestyle is pre-written, but at least be able to remember it in your head. Reading it off a Blackberry or paper or whatever is just cheating in my eyes – whether it’s Drake (who I do like a lot!) or Joe Budden! Didn’t know Buddens was known for freestyling from paper, so he’s gone down a little in my eyes now.

    There’s nothing wrong with rappers not being able to freestyle, Nas is one who tends to avoid it whenever possible. If you can’t do it without being able to remember it in your head, you just shouldn’t do it at all.

    “If it’s good, it’s good” definitely rings true as well though, I’d just rather not see the videos of these freestyle sessions being taken if they’re not doing it from memory, as it of shatters the illusion.

  • I’m in the camp it isn’t a freestyle if it’s been pre-written / read off a blackberry whatever. For me, a freestyle is what it says on the tin; Spitting rhymes off the top of your head as they enter your mind. Otherwise it’s a bit like a track which you are just reciting at a gig. All it shows is memory, not quickness and versatility of the mind.

    It really pisses me off to see artists these days claiming they are ‘freestyling’ when clearly they aren’t. That’s why its so refreshing to see videos like this and that Strategy of Broke n English @Percy’s mentions.

    My favourite freestyle ever is where Em and Proof are in that car together. It’s so clearly a non-written, off the top of their head freestyle and makes me smile every time!

  • Chris

    To pre-written “freestyles”: Boooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

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