Andres Iniesta; Top Guy

As a Barcelona fan and a follower of Spanish football, I was already in love with Iniesta before the World Cup; that adorable ghost. But tonight tops its off. Say what you want about the referee badgering, “simulation” and all round dubiousness of most of the Spanish side.

However, after scoring the winner in the 116th minute of the World Cup final, you can’t fault the guy for his celebration. I realise the picture is too small to read, but translated it says “Dani Jarque always with us”.

This is a reference to the late Espanyol captain Daniel Jarque who suffered a sudden heart attack whilst in the team hotel around this time last year. He and Andres were by all reports best mates in the Spanish side, along with Fabregas who dedicated his goal in the 6-1 defeat of Everton by Arsenal. To read more on Dani Jarque you can visit his Wikipedia page here.

If you are in the UK and for some God-forsaken reason missed the game you can watch the goal here on the BBC Site.

A touching sentiment from undeniably one of the World’s best players.

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7 comments to Andrés Iniesta; Top Guy

  • Sergio Ramos had a shirt for Puerta. It’s made me begrudgingly respect/like these Spaniards.

  • Carrp!

    Top marks to Iniesta for doing this, I was quite fond of Dani Jarque, such a shame he’s gone. Still can’t get over how cunt-ish the Spanish players were though, they really didn’t deserve to win!

  • Tempest

    I agree it was bad, but the whole match was 6 of 1, half a dozen of the other.

    The Dutch team clearly went out to break up the Spanish midfield with some ruff and tumble tactics and could easily have been down to 10 or even 9 at half time. They were lucky to have to wait until extra time before someone walked. You could argue Robben for kicking the ball away could have had a second yellow, De Jong for the straight-leg ninja kick and Van Bommel for a few dodgey challenges should have been sent off.

    Just about evened itself out in the end.

  • That’s the reason I wasn’t supporting Spain this entire tournament tbh, it’s something that has been gradually irritating me about the Barca side over the last few years (I used to really like them, and as Spain is virtually the Barcelona team, my dislike for their antics are the same). Not just the card waving etc, but players like Xavi are such sore losers, if a team with a good defence plays well and shuts them out, they claim it’s anti-football, I remember Xavi in particular calling Man Utd anti-football when we beat them in the semis a few years ago LOL. It’s got to a point where I’m actually wanting Real Madrid to win La Liga next season. I do love Iniesta though, the anti-galactico i.e. the Spanish Paul Scholes (in personality).

  • Carrp!

    Yeah I agree Indi, the thing that riled me most about the final was Sergio Busquets trying to post the world record short sprint times every time one of his team-mates was fouled just to try and harass Howard Webb into booking people and he’s only what, 21 years old? Fucking ridiculous how players feel the need to do that and its a shame that its happening with the younger generation. As Nigel De Jong said in an interview after the match, the game of football these days is much too stop/start because of the pressure on referee’s and FIFA’s insistence that they get every decision spot on and that more often than not its easier just to let the game flow.

  • Carrp!

    Have you heard about Iniesta inviting Kasabian to watch the Barca – Real Madrid match at Camp Nou as a thank you for Kasabian’s music inspiring the Spanish team to victory? Wild nights out in Barcelona, a kick about on the pitch at Camp Nou, free accommodation at casa de Iniesta… How amazing is that!

  • I didn’t! Haha, that’s awesome.

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