Underground Hip-Hop Part 11

Whilst Ajay’s away I’ve been tasked with holding down his UGHH Collections for a while.

He’s left me some material he wanted to get in there and I’ve added to this with some bits and pieces, both new and old, so you can keep your ears to the very best of the underground scene.

Vinnie Paz – Same Story (My Dedication) (Original)

I’ve had this version for quite a while now and I was actually surprised when it turned up on the album in a reworked form. Why Vinnie, Why? This version was perfect. A real soulful, tear-jerking rendition which this beat compliments much better. If you picked up the album, then you will be delighted at this little gem.

Methuzulah (feat Kam Moye) – Gorilla Groundfighting

From his Kemetic Aha mixtape where he rhymes over nothing else but DJ Premier beats. You therefore know what to expect on the production front, but lyrically Methuzulah delivers with undeniable charisma and assurance. Real replay value this one.

June Marx – Overthrow The Throne

Delving further underground I got my hands on June Marx recent LP Body Of God and I was surprised with the ability both on the boards and behind the mic that the album brings. A bit heavier than the other stuff in this collective with much darker undertones. Definitely an album for a late winter’s night.

ArtOfficial – Voodoo

A rock-inspired effort handpicked by Ajay. Varies quite significantly from anything else here today and I’m sure it will have its fans. It actually sounds remarkably familiar, whether that is just clever production work or whether it is in fact a remake of something else…?

Unjust and Opio – Aggression

The Big Lebowski, the 1998 Coen Brothers directed film, is considered by many to be the their best work, and has since risen to cult-classic status. Unjust of Chosen Few and Opio of the mighty Souls Of Mischief (both big fans of the movie) got the idea to make a tribute album dedicated to the movie. Mark It Zero consists of stories loosely based on their own adventures with all the beats sampled directly from the score of the epic film. And to make things even better, you can pay for it what you think it’s worth.

Probcause – Blog Rap

Who likes dubstep combined with rap music? Here you go then.

Apollo Brown (feat Big Pooh & Black Milk) – Hungry

I’m yet to get hold of Apollo’s The Reset which dropped a few weeks back, but having been sent a couple of tracks from the LP, I will be sure to pick that up ASAP. This is really impressive, and I would say that, after-all he was heavily inspired by the 90′s era (Gang Starr, Mobb Deep, Wu-Tang, Nas and Black Moon to name only a few). So if you live in the past like me, I’m sure Apollo Brown’s future is an attractive destination to you too.

The Black Sunn (feat 810) – Black Serenade

I’ve got way too into this haven’t I. OK, some easy going hip-hop. Tidy drums and on point lyricism.

Sha Stimuli – Bucket List

As promised, an older track from Stimuli. Piano-laced, typically deep bars from one of the underground’s most honest MC’s where he recites the things he wants to do before he dies.

Unknown Prophets – The Wrong Route

Again, another older one from me. This is from Unknown Prophets debut album World Premier from way back in 2000. It’s a straight up 5 star album and this is one of many which I could have brought to your attention today. As you can tell from the title, the duo relay stories from two youths who took the wrong paths in life. Sad, but very thought-provoking. If you liked Immortal Technique’s Dance With The Devil then not only are you a little bit sick, but you will also like this.

Prolyphic & The Reanimator – On The Side

I love this whole album (The Ugly Truth, 2008).  Prolyphic is a brilliantly angry teenager and Reanimator is a genius behind the boards. On The Side is a brutally honest account of Prolyphic’s stance as a part-time MC. He rips through the chorus with: “Full-time worker, part-time entertainer, my car is my dressing-room, I’ll show you what I’m made of.” Anyone who begins his verse with: “I was never a huge fan of Tupac or Biggie, consider me an outcast, I won’t support the top, 50 Cent carbon copies don’t got shit for me” you know means business.

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