Tuesday Indie Throwback-Editors

Enjoy the latest venture into the retrospective: this week, a look back at one of the most truly original sounding British indie bands of the last decade, Birmingham quartet Editors.

Originally hitting the airwaves back in 2005 with Blood (to the left), Editors have since created a reputation for creating a momentus and unrelenting sound. Click below and check out a bit of info on the band, aswell as some sweet downloads of a couple of their best tracks…

Previously known as Pilot, The Pride and Snowfield, the band currently consists of four members; Tom Smith (vocals, guitar), Chris Urbanowicz (guitar), Russell Leetch (bass guitar) and Ed Lay (drums). With three studio albums to date; The Back Room, An End Has A Start and In This Light And On This Evening, Editors always succeed in creating a sense of mystery and anxiety with their music, which often resonates 80′s ‘dark disco’ bands such as Joy Division, and Echo And The Bunnymen.

The thing that I take most from Editors’ music is their penchant for the epic chorus; many of their better tracks build with a kind of angsty simplicity just to be blown away in a crescendo of noise, emphasized by screeching guitar tones at the top end of each chord sequence. The transition in styles between their three albums has seen their music move towards that of a more lo-fi electronic design, still with the same drive and purpose of their earlier work, substituting some of their raw aesthetic for a more euphoric and primal sound. If the band do produce another album, it will be hugely intruiging just what direction they take; will they continue in their current vein, or make a return to their indie roots?

Favorite Album: The Back Room, just because I always see this as Editors ‘true sound’.

Favorite Track: Bullets, the second single from their first album, just massive sounding and awesomely beautiful.

Where Next: Maybe their next album will sound in a simliar vein to Radiohead’s Amnesiac

If You Like This: You will love Joy Division, Echo And The Bunnymen, The Strokes, Interpol, Elbow, R.E.M.

Click on the album links to download tracks; Bullets, Escape The Nest and Eat Raw Meat=Blood Drool.

Pilot, The Pride and Snowfield
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3 comments to Tuesday Indie Throwback-Editors

  • Tempest

    This post needs more Fingers in the Factories. Was amazing live.

  • Carrp!

    I’d have personally gone for Munich and Bones over Bullets and Escape The Nest, but that’s just me. I absolutely adore this band, never got round to seeing them live as they were a bit hit and miss with most of my friends but this band were the cause of my indie reformation back in the day! Excellent post Ed! Did Ajay pass on that email by the way?

  • Ed

    Thanks caarp, I absolutely love this band too, most of their tracks are good and I tend to love the slower almost apocalyptic sounding tracks the most but munich and bones are great tracks to get you pumped.

    aj did pass it on, i’d heard of a couple of the artists and i’m just in the process of listening through the albums you recommended, and as of this moment i’m liking a bit of The Answering Machine, so expect a post soon…

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