Tuesday Indie Throwback-Arcade Fire

This week’s throwback is one drenched in anticipation, with the release of the Montreal septet’s third album The Suburbs looming.

From the release of their first EP back in 2003 the genre-bending Arcade Fire have had me hooked on their style, and what better time to have a look back to where it all started, with the hype beginning to build for their upcoming work…

If you’ve ever listened to Arcade Fire’s work in depth, you’ll notice that pretty much all members of the band are multi-instrumentalists, and although a deluge of instruments are used to record and perform their various songs the foundations are the same as that of Rock&Roll (Guitar, Drums, Bass).

There are currently seven members to the band; the husband/wife partnership of lead vocalists Win Butler and Regine Chassagne, Win’s brother William, Richard Reed Parry, Tim Kinsbury, Sarah Neufeld and Jeremy Gara. Note at this point that the band members swap instrumental duties in their live shows thus making it difficult to pin-point exactly who plays what in their recordings. They have produced two full studio albums to date; in 2003 their first work came into view in the form of a self-named 7 track EP releasing their first full-length album Funeral the year after, their second album Neon Bible came along in 2007.

Their two-and-a-half albums all abide to a similar style; a sardonic, baroque-esque amalgam of Indie and Folk music usually evoking a sense of mystery and darkness, often playing on simple emotional attachments (quite often associated with childhood) as part of a more grandiose vision. Win and William Butler simply have to go down as two of the greatest music writers of the decade, their songs echoing a kind of  ‘simple complexity’ that you can’t help but get drawn in to.

The bands 3rd full-length album The Suburbs is set for release in the UK on the 2nd of August (3rd in the US), and as one of the most anticipated albums of the last couple of years I’m sure it will deliver the same level of musical excellence and originality.

Favorite Album: Tough call as both works to date have been awesome, if i had to call it i’d have to say Funeral.

Favorite Track: Windowsill is my favorite track lyrically but I’d say Rebellion (Lies) overall.

What Next: The Suburbs, and then who knows a Thom Yorke collab?!

If You Like This: Echo and the Bunnymen, Interpol, Talking Heads, Bruce Springsteen, Elvis Presley, The Pixies.

Click on the album links to download tracks: No Cars Go, Black Mirror and Rebellion (Lies).

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