Travie McCoy and T-Pain-Ms. Tattoo Girl

The album dropped yesterday, be sure to grab it. Hopefully the tracks we gave you prior to its release have convinced you-they certainly convinced me! From what I’ve heard so far, the album is really good and I’m looking forward to listening to it all.

The track here is 1 of 3 bonus tracks available with various versions of the album. You may recognise the beat/hook from Tattoo Forever by Detail, as this is pretty much a reworked version of that track without Detail or Lil’ Wayne. Decent summer effort, and definitely more along the hip-hop/R&B lines than some of the other tracks. T-Pain needs to chill out a little on the AutoTune though, it’s excessive even for him!

Travie McCoy-Ms. Tattoo Girl ft. T-Pain

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