Throwback Thursdays Vol 31

As you may have realised over the past few weeks, there is a rather important football (soccer) tournament taking place which unfortunately puts me in a bit of a rush this week.

However, what that does bring is an urge for me to drop ‘party’ music and this week’s throwback falls nicely into that category. Gamers will recognise this track from Tiger Woods’ PS2 game from a few years back, hip-hop heads will recognise it from DMX’s third album …And Then There Was X.

Party Up sees X taking a break from his retrospective, violence-orientated lyrics for a much more upbeat, club-friendly ‘banger’. Swizz Beatz on production here and a catchy chorus made Party Up one of X’s breakthrough mainstream tracks which saw him form a brief partnership with the aforementioned beat-maker.

As you will know from me now, I tend to steer clear of these types of joints however I do actually really enjoy the X/Swizzy chemistry on this one and it will always be one of the first I stick on a party playlist.

Sorry for the briefness of this week’s throwback but I will ensure top form returns again for next week. As an apology, please find below both the original DMX Party Up track and also the unofficial Eminem – Real Slim Shady Remix which is amusing.

DMX – Party Up

DMX/Eminem – Party Up/Real Slim Shady (Remix)

Murray’s BDK Rating:               ger

Up Next Week…

I haven’t decided yet. But I will make sure it’s a real classic…

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