Throwback Thursdays Vol 30

For the real underground / hip-hop Heads I bring you a throwback from Pharoahe Monch’s Organized Konfusion.

Organized Konfusion are widely respected amongst the hip-hop community on the strength of their debut, self-titled album and their successful sophomore; Stress: The Extinction Agenda released in 1991 and 1994 respectively.

Although Organized Konfusion are made up of both Pharoahe and Prince Po (Poetry), Pharoahe always steals the show for me with his complex rhyming technique and intricate and intelligent raps.

Although Organized Konfusion handled most of the production themselves, Stress is actually a piece of work from famed underground beatmaker Buckwild. The first thing you notice is the mystical, spacey backdrop which the video compliments with its vivid colours and fish-eye lens.  Then you get the screeching horns, a simple looped chorus followed by Prince Po stepping up to the mic.

I have no idea why Po seems so angry in this video but it does help bring some authenticity to the words which he spits. Perhaps not the same can be said for Monch, who equipped with arm-flailing that even A Lost People would be proud and some interesting facial expressions, brings a slightly more eccentric approach to an other-wise fairly serious track.

I really enjoy Organized Konfusion’s work but because of both MC’s albeit brilliant, yet sometimes hard-to-listen lyricism, I don’t expect too many ‘non-heads’ to go back and cop their whole back-catalogue (although it would be a nice gesture to hip-hop).

Heads out there: You have no hiding places, this one’s for you.

Organized Konfusion – Stress

Murray’s BDK Rating:ger

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One of hip-hop’s bad boys (no, not that Bad Boy). Early in his career critics drew comparisons to the late great Tupac Shakur, but is now much more known for his aggressive, rugged delivery yet on occasion has still managed to branch into mainstream audiences.

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