Sunday's Classic Collabo: Lloyd, Andre 3000 and Nas

It’s not often that someone can brag that they managed to get Nas and Andre 3000 on one track, but Lloyd managed it with the remix to his breakout single You. The original version is unquestionably my favourite R&B song ever (and the pinnacle of Lloyd’s career to date), but this remix runs that very close.

The original version featured a really likeable interpolation of Spandau Ballet’s True, whereas the remix seems to sample it more directly. Probably prefer the interpolated production, but having verses from 2 of the all-time greats (Andre’s verse in particular is superb) more than compensates. A remix that fans of the original, and R&B generally, can really get down with, as well as being one the hip-hop heads can surely appreciate.

Lloyd-You Remix ft. Andre 3000 & Nas

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