Sunday’s Classic Collabo: 50 Cent / Eminem

This track blew me away when I first laid ears on it. It was the first piece of 50 Cent we had heard with Eminem spitting a verse and at that time in my life my evolving hip-hop brain thought Christmas had come early.

As well as his feature, Em does the work on the boards too here and creates an atmospheric, heavy-baselined, heart-pulsating beat for 50 to come in on and lay some haunting, thugged out rhymes which back in 2003 we praised for their freshness. Then we hear some clever production work as Em’s opening two bars appear to be recited from behind a hospital oxygen mask adding to the edginess of the track. Em comes in hard as expected with a particularly memorable verse before leaving the last few notes open to 50 to see us out.

Both MC’s have contrasting styles yet the brilliant thing about this track is the plaudits are spread equally between them. It’s funny what a few years can do as evidently a collaboration between the two today no longer renders the same sense of excitement and classical outcome (see 50/Em’s Psycho). To this day I still eagerly anticipate new material from 50, unfortunately however it now seems formula 50 is slowly beginning to run dry…

50 Cent (feat Eminem) – Patiently Waiting

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