Rick Ross/Styles P/Young Jeezy - Blowin Money Fast

Kind of dropped the ball on this one, as it’s been receiving plenty of airplay in the states – new track by Rick Ross, called Blowin Money Fast (B.M.F), which is set to appear on his upcoming album. Featuring a favourite of mine, Styles P, this track has become something of a street anthem.

Young Jeezy felt the need to do his own version, getting Big Meech to speak from prison through telecommunication. Some feel this is a retort to Ross, as Ricky Ross mentions notorious gangster, Meech (who won’t be leaving prison until the year 2031!) a lot on his track. This just goes to show Jeezy’s credibility in the streets, and seemingly mocks Ross’. Whether or not that’s what Jeezy intended, time will tell.

Rick Ross – Blowin’ Money Fast (B.M.F.) ft. Styles P

Young Jeezy – The Real Blowin’ Money Fast ft. Big Meech

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